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Life Vest Loaner Program

How Your Donations are Making a Difference: Providing Lifevests to Those in Need

When people take advantage of our donation-based personal item recovery service, they’re not just giving money to Wet Recovery for the return of an item.

While we use the donated money to cover our costs, we also use the money to purchase life vests that we give to the Lake Lanier life jacket loaner program.

The life jacket loaner program aims to keep people safe while they enjoy all that lake Lanier has to offer. Eight life jacket stations arount the lake have bilingual signage and information to promote water safety. There is no charge to loan life jackets, available in infant, child, youth, and adult sizes.

Learn more about the life jacket loaner stations here 




Since 1994, there have been over 200 lives lost at Lake Lanier.  Wet Recovery Solutions believes that educating visitors to the lake about the potential dangers combined with offering loaner life jackets will help avoid future tragedies.