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Small Item Recovery

Although the main focus of the business is cleaning marine craft, we provide a donation-only recovery service to recover small personal items. This means there is no formal charge for the service. You donate what you feel is worth to you.

The money we receive from donations helps cover our costs but, more importantly, it enables us to buy life jackets that we donate to the life jacket loaner program.

View the life jacket loaner program page to learn more


Item Recovery

When you lose something

If you  lose a valuable personal item overboard like jewelry, a wallet, a phone, a watch, or a camera, Wet Recovery Solutions might be able to retrieve it for you. Our clients are happy with the service we provide, as you can see in the testimonials on the home page and comments on Facebook iconPlease remember that we stand the best chance of success if you contact us quickly and have an exact location of where the item was dropped.

We find all sorts

When we look for a personal item for a client, we also find unrelated objects: images below show that we discovered quite the collection, including phones, watches, wallets, cameras, and sunglasses.

Most owners believe their watch is toast when it goes underwater, but that’s not always the case. Seven of the nine watches still worked. Some had medical identification set up, which allowed us to contact the owners to discuss returning them. We located the objects between 25ft-33ft.